From jewelry repair and cleaning to appraisals and engraving we offer a multitude of services for all of your jewelry needs.

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Jewelry Services

Fine Jewelry Sales

Gold Wolff Jewelers offers a wide variety of jewelry from our store located in Flagstaff, AZ. All of our items are of the finest quality meant to give you years of enjoyment.

Unlike most of the mall and chain stores, we truly believe in craftsmanship and strive to create and source for you the most beautiful and well-crafted items that we can at all times.

We sell new and estate jewelry in gold, silver, and platinum, as well as new titanium and performance metal jewelry. And we offer rings, pendants earrings and chains. We offer ethnic jewelry from overseas as well as items sourced from within the USA

Custom Jewelry Work

We can make or produce anything your heart desires. The creation of custom jewelry is the cornerstone of what we do at Gold Wolff Jewelers. We believe that our clients should have the very best. It is with this concept that we can create almost any type of jewelry that one might desire. You shouldn’t have to settle for that simple, mall-generated items, when you can get the piece you truly want

We will work with you to take your ideas and designs and create your unique item from scratch. We can work with you in person, through email or fax.

Gold Wolff offers a large selection of loose gems, along with mountings that can be cast into your choice of metals. If we do not have the gem in the quality, price and shape that you desire, we can order in several gems for you to pick from. This can be done very easily and without a commitment to purchase from you until you first see the gem of your dreams.

We start by talking to you and finding out what you want. We will draw the item onto a piece of paper and once a design is finalized and approved by you, we will quote you a price. After a deposit is made we will start to fabricate or cast your piece, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. We then finish the custom jewelry piece and set any gems.

Jewelry Repairs & Cleaning

We offer the best quality repairs in this town. We will quote the price for you in advance, so you know what your precious heirloom will require to maintain its integrity and wear-ability. Pete Wolff has over 30 years of experience and has an extensive background in jewelry repair work. We believe in producing only the finest repair work, to make sure your cherished piece of family history is repaired to your liking.

We are extremely experienced and take the greatest care in all of our jewelry repairs.

Our services stand out because not only do we have the experience, but we also are continually adding the best of equipment so that we can service you better. One of our latest purchases is a laser welder that allows us to weld metals together that are extremely small and precise. Having the right tool for the job, like this laser welder, makes us able to do almost any jewelry repair. By combining our experience and skills with the best of jewelry equipment, we can honestly say that we can repair almost any piece of jewelry to the highest quality standards.

At Gold Wolff Jewelers, we also always clean and inspect ALL of your jewelry for free (except for watches and squash blossom necklaces which we do clean for a small fee). We never charge for this service. It does not matter if the jewelry was bought from us or not.

It is important to get your jewelry checked for 3 reasons:

  1. When we inspect your jewelry, we can spot loose gems and worn prongs before you lose any treasured and expensive items.
  2. By checking for loose gems, we can prevent any gems from falling out, and prevent the sharp or worn prongs from snagging clothing and ruining hosiery.
  3. When we clean your jewelry, you leave the store with a bright, shiny ring, pendant or earring set, and when you look good, you feel better and we are very happy when you leave with a smile on your face!

Sterling Silver Restoration & Repairs

We can now restore and repair all of your Sterling to bring it back to that original state.  After years of tarnish, scratches, or regular use, Sterling can begin to look less special and even be an embarrassment.

We can clean, restore, and repair your favorite piece of silver tableware, flatware, trays, jewelry, or even that family heirloom, so that it has a beautiful luster and shine, and is as elegant as it was when it was first made.


We do our own jewelry appraisals in house. If you have a piece of jewelry that you inherited or purchased, and you wish to get some idea of what it is worth, then we can help. Jewelry is like many collectibles where it is clearly a subjective process, but with our experience we can help determine the value of your piece.

We will look at things like the quality and weight of the stones, how the piece was mounted or set, and figure out if it has some special value as an antique or heirloom. We can do written appraisals as required by many insurance companies. Please contact us for further details on our appraisal services.

Engraving Services

Gold Wolff Jewelers also has professional engraving services.  We can engrave anything on virtually any surface, from wine bottles to wood, to a dog tag, to plastic, to an inscription on the inside of a ring. We also have some clip art, that you can chose from, such as: wedding bells, safety signs, arrows, we can also create a custom logo or clip art just for you.

Get your wedding glasses engraved… Have your rings engraved with a love note… Have your pocket watch customized. We can engrave practically any picture or text you want on all sort of products and jewelry surfaces.

Eyeglass Repair

We can repair many types of eyeglasses. We try to get eyeglass repair done within one day. Eyeglass repair has a 90 day guarantee on the spot repaired by us. Plastic frames and titanium rimless glasses can be difficult and are sometimes unrepairable.

Bring your glasses in for an evaluation on whether or not we can repair them for you.

Peter and Caitlin are the best.
They both are extremely on top of things and worked very hard to get the ring done in time. I only gave them a few weeks notice and they made sure to get it done with time to spare but n0 quality lost from it. The ring is to the “T” what I envisioned and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. 12 out of 10 would recommend to anyone.

~ Ben Anderson, November 2021